The Latest on Climate Change

Jane Luxton, a recent addition to Pepper’s Washington, D.C. office, is a partner and a member of the firm's Sustainability, CleanTech and Climate Change Team.  Jane came to Pepper from the federal government, where she served as general counsel of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

In this podcast, Jane discusses the latest issues for companies in the unsettling area of climate change. Ongoing legislative, regulatory and litigation efforts have the potential to institute far-reaching changes and new challenges for businesses, related to their energy consumption and how it is regulated. Jane reviews the latest developments in these areas, including ways companies can limit their exposure to potential greenhouse gas lawsuits, and offers recommendations for companies as they look for ways to save or make money in the climate-change arena, including practical approaches and opportunities in the area of renewable energy.

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(Running Time: 9:05)

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Uniform Environmental Covenants Act

Ken Joseph, a resident of the Pittsburgh office of Pepper Hamilton and a real estate lawyer, and Todd Fracassi, an attorney in the Detroit office of Pepper and an environmental lawyer, discuss Pennsylvania's enactment of the Uniform Environmental Covenants Act.

In addition to discussing the issues related to the enforceability of environmental covenants and Pennsylvania's decision to adopt a uniform law regarding covenants, this podcast identifies and discusses significant features of the Act, including the need to convert previous filed instruments to comply with the Act within five years of its effective date.

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(Running Time: 9:41)

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